HI guys i am having a dillema on which graphics card to purchase??

I am wanting to buy a graphics card for my newly built pc, my onboard VGA is a HD 4200 and isn't nearly adequate enough, os i have a few options on which cards i can buy, my price range is from R1800 to R2400 max.
My choices are :
HD 5770
HD 4890
GTX 275
Second hand or used HD 5830

Which one should i choose? i am in desperate need...
Thanks for the help guys :D
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  1. The used HD5830 is the best out of all of those, especially if you can get it for under $190. You included the GTX275, which runs for $270. Stretch your budget $30 more for something like this, and you'll have an awesome product.
  2. I am still trying to find somewhere to buy a secondhand one cause they are very new... if i couldn't find one, which one would be next best?
    I just need a card that will be able to run modern games such as Modern warfare 2, Bad company 2 etc. on high-ish graphics:)
  3. What's your monitor's resolution? At 1680x1050 or below, an HD5770 will be fine. At 1920x1080, you'll want an HD5850. If 2560x1600, no less than an HD5870.
  4. resolution is at 1680x1050, so the HD 5770 will be more than adequate?
    Thanks so mushc for your help:)
  5. Yeah, the HD5770 should be very good for that resolution.
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