Looking for boot drive SSD + A game or two $85 budget

Hey. I'm looking for an SSD to put Windows on + maybe a game or two on it. I was looking at this originally:

But considering the Vertex 4 is out should I get this one:

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  2. Is that Mushkin good? Are they a reputable brand? Sorry it's my first SSD. The 120gb sounds godly though :D :D :D.
  3. Yes they are a reputable brand and I have 3 of those and no issues. There is a few of them in here because of their aggressive pricing,review-32452.html
  4. Awesome, I'll pick that up then, would of missed out on an impressive SSD if it wasn't for you.

    Is that comparable to a Vertex 4? I'm new to SSDs, so as long as the OS is quick and the load times on games are quicker then I'll be satisfied.
  5. Vertex 4 same size is faster but it is only measurable not noticeable.
  6. It is a SATA II drive and therefore limited to 3GB speeds.
  7. So the original one you linked is better?
  8. Yes it is a SATA III drive and it will surpass 3GB speed.
  9. Sweet, I'm assuming that it connects via a SATA cable to a sata slot to the motherboard?
  10. Yes it does. Set your SATA controller to ACHI mode in BIOS after you disconnect your other drives and do a clean install of windows on it then shut down and reconnect your other drive.
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