VGA Led red on restarting

Here are my PC specs:-
Intel core i5 750, Asus P7P55D (Bios is latest 1807), Corsair 2x2gb dominator, Nvidia 9600GT, Silverstone zeus 650W.

Upon first boot the computer posts but when the computer restarts (windows & bios both), it doesn't post and the VGA LED is solid red on the MOBO. So I switched off my computer & booted it again (after a few hours) no problem but on restart no post & VGA LED red.

So then I took my GPU out & inserted it in the PCI-E x4 slot (2nd PCI-E slot). I faced no problems at all, it was posting on restart. It was working just like a normal computer.
Few things you people might ask, I'll answer them in advance.

*Did you try with another GPU? Yes I did & same case, working fine on PCI-E x4 slot but same problem on PCI-E x16 slot on restarting.
*PSU might be the problem? No PSU is fine as I checked it on another PC.
*Did you try with 1 ram stick? Yes I did try with 1 ram stick.

This is a very weird problem as the computer works flawlessly when its on, the only issue is when I RESTART my computer it wont post & VGA LED is red. If I switch off my computer directly from the power cable then it starts again with no issues at all.

Any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated and thanks in advance.
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  1. I know it's probably not what you want to hear, but your best bet is contacting ASUS about the issue. It sounds like something faulty is going on with your motherboard, and if that's the case they will replace it.
  2. I RMA'ed the mobo (Local Asus distributor from whom I bought the motherboard) they sent me back the same mobo, they said they repaired it but the same issue came back after 1 day of use & now my warranty just ended yesterday. So...I am in a bad spot here.
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  4. asus and corsair dont usually mix - manually set the timings and lower the speed see if that helps

    standby modes on desktops never usually work - make sure the system is actually off off and not standby (S3/Suspend to ram)

    psu - branded? and doesnt matter if it "works in another pc" - every pc has a different requirement and balance as to what rails are required, and as you said hours later it works again aka intermittent

    perhaps reset cmos and update bios too
  5. I'm having the same problem here. I tried every possible solution but still no luck.
    Updated bios, reset cmos, tried with one stick of ram, reseated the vga card, tested it on another computer, rechecked every single cable, contacted Asus Customer Service... I'm still seeing the vga error led on restart when the vga card is in the pci-e x16 slot. In the second x8 slot, only some of the restarts fail. However in the pci-e x4 slot everything works great!
    This is the weirdest mind blowing computer problem I've ever met. If someone could help us, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
    Update: Just a moment ago while playing an mkv file by mpc-hc, my computer suddenly shut itself down giving the vga error led upon auto restart. I shut it down again by the case power button. After waiting for 5 minutes, I booted up the pc just to see that cmos was reset automatically. All bios settings were gone. I set them up once again and entered windows successfully.
  6. Well I sent the mobo for RMA again & thankfully it was replaced & the local asus distributor here told me that that the first shipment of P7P55D's that they got, almost all of them had this problem but this new shipment (New rev) hasn't shown any of the problems (specifically the VGA Led one) which were in the previous shipment (Old rev).

    My friend was also having the same problem but his mobo was out of warranty so he couldn't RMA it but last week he told me that he OC'ed his PC to 4.46GHz & the PC BSOD'ed on windows & after that he hasn't faced VGA Led error.
  7. I'm gonna RMA the motherboard, too. I will definitely not buy an Asus one this time. This is a manufacturer flaw and I blame Asus. Every single person having the very same problem has one of the P7P55D series motherboards.
    Thanks for the info, Korrupter. You saved me from more pain.
  8. No problem mate.
    Try MSI P55-GD65 or Gigabyye P55-UD4P. Both are good solid motherboards. A friend of mine has a MSI P55-GD65 & he's pretty happy.
  9. I ordered Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4 and GTX 460 a few minutes ago. I will never ever buy an Asus product again. I wasted lots of money because of them.
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