What is BIOS?

Hi, this is going to be my first time building a computer and want to learn about BIOS.

What's is the BIOS that I need to know when it comes to building a computer?

The only word BIOS that I know is when I enter the blue screen with boot screen sequence by pressing F8 when my dell computer was turning on. Is that the BIOS that everyone is referring to?

Someone told me that I need to do BIOS set up or something when I build a PC. And I also heard that some motherboard has better BIOS which I don't know how and what's better about it.

BIOS update, BIOS set up, BIOS detecting other parts....could you explain to me what these are so that I don't struggle when I build a pc?

Thank you.
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  1. The F8 Dell or Delete key most everyone else get you into the BIOS = Basic Input/Output System. To confuse you more the next generation is UEFI BIOS = Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.

    Nice Video -> http://www.youtube.com/user/NCIXcom#p/u/0/ppRzv1tKRyE

    In general, don't update a BIOS unless you 'really' need to a failed BIOS can brick {make into a paper weight} your MOBO. When you do find the need then only do it via a USB method; formatting a USB flash drive {FAT 32}, boot into the BIOS, Load Defaults, then use the BIOS built-in Flashing Utility -- don't flash from Windows.

    Generally, the primary BIOS changes that you'll make are for: SATA {e.g. AHCI}, RAM {Speed, CAS, and Voltages}, CPU Fan Control, OC the CPU {depends on the platform/the new P67 SB requires a "K" series then you'll be limited to CPU Multipliers/CPU Voltage}.

    Going on more is useless without having a MOBO + CPU in mind.
  2. Google is your friend.

    See answer here
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