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May be a silly question , But please answer.

My friend decided to take a system and he finalised i5-750 paired with GA-H55-USB3.

In the MOBO HDMI port is there, but in Intel site it is mentioned that no integrated HD graphics in I5-750.

No gaming, Bluray movies & Some CAD work.

(Please don't suggest AMD, as he is not interested in AMD. I convinced him a lot but he is not ready for AMD)

If we stick with this combo, Whether we need to get a seperate GPU for Display, or Onboard VGA is there?

Without any graphics card added, can we get display in monitor?? will it be sufficient for Bluray playback??

Please answer
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    You will need to get a discrete card. There is no onboard graphics, only the integrated graphics, but you need an i3 or i5 dual core to get that (which isn't recommended).

    I'd recommend picking up the 9800 GT for around $80.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    He has a plan to keep the system for next 4-5yrs without any upgrading.
    Is i5-750 + 8GIGs (kingston pc 1333 2gX4)a wise decision?????
    In this case, Regarding graphics can i suggest ATI HD5670 as GPU?? He can extend his budget a bit more than 9800GT.

    Please suggest.
  3. MadAdmiral is right. The GPU on current Intel chips has moved from the motherboard to the CPU. Even though the motherboard has video output ports on the back, they're of no use unless paired with a CPU that has an integrated GPU. The only current Intel chips that have an integrated GPU are all dual-core chips. The i5 750 doesn't have an integrated GPU and won't display output through the video output ports on the motherboard.
  4. The reason I didn't suggest the 5670 is because ATI cards don't work well with CAD and other productivity software. You'd do better to stick to nVidia. I would just get the biggest GPU he can afford.

    I would have to see the actual sticks to know if it's a good decision. Generally, you'd want to get CAS Latency 7 sticks that run at least at 1333 mhz (1600 mhz if overclocking).
  5. This is the memory stick I am talking about.
    Its CAS Latency value is 9.
    Hope it'll work.

    GT240 1GB good enough?
  6. That'll work (assuming you're buying two sticks), but it'll limit your ability to overclock, if that matters to you.

    The 240 will be fine.
  7. Anyway we don't have any plan to overclock now.
    Actually He wants 8GB of Ram, so 4 sticks.

    Any better suggestion than gt240 in and around that $ range??
  8. Anybody out there to help me??
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