Question about ati driver uninstall

I am running win 7 and have an HD 4850 installed.

I am removing the 4850 and putting in a 5850. I have had issues with ati drivers in the past and was wondering if there is a "best way" to go about removing the old drivers and switching the card out.
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    Just download the correct, latest drivers for the new card, (scan for virus of course), swap cards and install over the existing software.
    Both Nvidia and ATI have recommended overwriting existing drivers rather than the uninstall, driversweep, install route for years.
    BTW, if you were switching GPU maker, THEN you should : Uninstall, driversweep, install ;)
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  3. Thanks man.
  4. Below are installation instructions for ATI graphics video cards for Window-Vista , Windows 7 and XP.

    It includes Un-installation instructions which is highly recommended for most conditions including your specifica case of upgrading ATI card.
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