OCZ to discontinue DRAM Products

Looks like OCZ is getting out of the Dram market and consentrate on it SSD products.
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With a major player dropping out of the memory module products, and if the "Overstocked" Memory is decreased - it could lead to a increase cost for memory modules, hopefully not.

Appoligize if this has aready been mentioned.
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  1. I guess other newer players have taken some of their market share, Gskill and Adata to name a couple.
  2. Not much of a loss - their products weren't that great anyways.
  3. Don't really see it affecting overall DRAM prices - as already mentioned they really were not one of the major players in the market and others have already taken most of their share of the market. Besides it is not like they were actually manufacturing the memory chips so there shouldn't be any more\less modules available just that the final branding on them will be different.

    They just discovered that they can make more profit by working on the SSD market instead of the overcrowded DRAM market (since profit margins on SSD drives are much better (at least for the near future until more companies get into that market and prices drop )
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