Which one should i opt for i5 670 and GA-P55A-UD5

Hi friends, :sol: :wahoo: at last I'm going to purchase my new gaming rig containing i5 670 with clock sped 3.46 ghz and motherboard GA-P55A-UD5.Hi guys, I am going to purchase 25" LCD full HD with resolution 1920*1080.
But I'm confused in choosing best gpu among following :
ATI Radeon HD 5850 , ATI Radeon HD 5750 , ATI Radeon HD 5770

Nvidia Geforce 9800gt , Nvidia Geforce 9600gt , Nvidia Geforce 8800gt

I want to give ATI more priority over Nvidia,what do u think tell me?
Pls guide me which must i go for better peerformance with good price range.

I'm going to spend almost Rs. 60,000-70,000 on my RIG.
If u have any comparison chart available for nvidia and Ati gpus pls provide it, it will b great help to me..
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  1. Have a look here:


    With games getting more and more demanding all the time, a new build should aim as high as budget permits, or you'll just end up upgrading sooner so my choice would be the HD5850.
    BUT, if the monitor is 1680x1050 resolution or lower the HD5770 might make more sense.
    As you can see from the chart, to equal the ATI choices you'll need to look at the GTX260 (HD5770 is similar but actually a little slower) or the GTX280/285 to match the HD5850, both of which tend to be more expensive and lack the extra features of the ATI cards (DX11, lower power consumption, quiet operation, superior HD sound and, yes, Eyefinity).
  2. If I were you I'd go with the AMD route by grabbing a phenom ii 965, a 8x/8x crossfire motherboard, and 2x HD5850.

    But with your current setup, the HD5850 is the best out of all of those, guaranteed to last you for quite some time.
  3. The card you need is going to be dependent on your monitor resolution.
    1680 x1050 or lower HD5770 is good (even in most games up to 1920 x 1080)
    1920 x1080 and higher HD5850
  4. The i5 670 is only dual core. Get the i5 750 instead and OC it.
    For the video card go with what rolli said.
  5. what rolli said......tho personally, if MSRP holds, I'd take the 470 over the 5850

    And I wouldn't get a Gigabyte USB 3 / SAT III Mobo as it's crippled if you use twin GFX cards.


    AFAIK, the UD5 series suffers the same limitations as the UD4 ....why spring for USB 3 / SATA III to run at half speed ?


    Gigabyte’s P55A-UD4P cuts costs by using the processor’s PCIe 2.0 connections to host its high-bandwidth controllers. Two of the primary graphics card’s 16 PCIe lanes supply its USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gb/s controllers, and Gigabyte disables six more lanes to make the upper slot an effective x8 interface. The USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gb/s controllers revert to the chipset’s 2.5 GT/s lanes whenever two graphics cards are installed, to preserve the x8 transfers each graphics card needs for optimal CrossFire or SLI performance.

    Thus, users with a single graphics card must sacrifice half of its peak bandwidth to enable 5.0 Gb transfers to the USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gb/s controllers, while those with two cards must live with 2.5 Gb/s bandwidth limits on USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gb/s controllers. Neither of these sacrifices is huge or even noticeable on most of today’s hardware, yet anyone trying to future-proof their system could be left cold.
  6. Hi guys, I am going to purchase 25" LCD full HD with resolution 1920*1080.
  7. An HD5850 would be nice then. Especially if you know how to overclock.
  8. Please please search on google first for i5 HD 5770 (or other model number) problems.
    There have been a big number of people experiencing the same problems, others have had the setup's working in 1156 socket rigs of course, I'm not one! ...and had to RMA. the 5770 and one up from it are definitely the better choice at the moment in terms of performance/specs/features IMO step down to 4770 i think it is if you want roughly the same specs but without DX11/eyefinity at a lower cost. But I'm regrettably having to go for a geforce now after many lost hours reading countless posts of people with unusable cards in these rigs, suffering from the exact same problems that have been happening for around 5 months now with no solution other than RMAs...

    Also keep you eye out in people's signatures all over the place, how many people have HD 5770/5750 etc in their rigs that are running 1156 architecture? I've just found my first one... but if you don't see many like I don't seem to, ask why is that, when they're the best cards on the face of it at the moment, bang for buck, midrange.

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