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I currently have a Kingston SSDNOW V Series 64 GB drive that I've been using as a boot drive. It's pretty slow, as far as SSD drives go, so I'm upgrading to a Samsung 830 128gb drive.

My question is can I just image the Kingston Drive and copy the image to the Samsung? I know that you can't image a HDD and use the image on an SSD, but I wanted to be sure that there wouldn't be any performance degradation by copying an image of one SSD to another especially given the fact that they use a different controller.

Will this be alright?
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  1. It will work yes.
  2. if Kingston SSD was set up fine, No problem. use Windows backup (located in control panel - system & security) to create a image of the System partition (that little 100mb partition) and your "c"-drive. Stick new SSD in, and use either a windows Install disk (or the Disk you were prompted to create when image fininshed). Select repair - then repair from image.
    Wam-bam-Thank-you- M%#, 10 -> 15 mins later boot to new 830.

    You will then need to go into disk manager and EXPAND partition to fill the remaining space. When image was restored, it created an exact duplicate, therefor your 128 gig ended up with a 64 gig partition for windows, and the remainding area was left unpartitioned.
  3. Yeah, just wanted to make sure there weren't any alignment issues like when going from a HDD to an SSD.

    I was planning on using Norton Ghost (that comes with the drive). Is there any real difference between Norton Ghost and the Windows Backup? I save a weekly image of my Kingston disk so it would be much easier to use Windows backup.
  4. Norton Ghost will work fine. Not really a difference if the image is right. Windows backup is free for all.
  5. Have Not used Norton's Ghost as Windows Image has always worked when going from SSD -> SSD. AS LONG as the target SSD is equal or greater in size.

    When going from HDD -> SSD I prefer the clean Instal. When not practical, I use EZ Gig II.
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