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OK, i m putting money in the bank tommorow to order the case, radiators (quad and dual 120) and sleeving thursday evening. i have some questions before i buy plz help. i will put the questions in bold with a number!

radiators MCR420:


82.95 main_page=product_info&cPath=59_457_667_674&products_id=26358


1. Are all 3 of these radiators the same? i noticed swiftech has different numbers at the end, i want to make sure i m getting the right kind.
2. Shouldnt i keep the loop all one type of metal? ex: use all copper parts and dont mix with nickel?

Radiators MCR220:



Site 3:

3. Here u see that site 2 offers a few different dual rads. what is the difference between them?
4.which should i get?
5.out of the 3 sites which one is best?

i heard this website has some of the best sleeving:

6. problem is they are dealing with euro, i live in the usa. does anyone know if i should worry when i use paypal?
7. will their be any hidden charges or something from the euro to usd transition?
8. i need a few colors thats y i m not going with just black, any know if this stuff will be see through/ fray on me:
9. also i plan on sleeving my whole non modular power supply. pc power and cooling 750 watt. how much sleeving will i need about?
10. do i need different circumfrances of sleeving for the powersupply? if so was size? 1/2, 1/4, etc?
11. is their a difference between these two cases:
12. what rpm gentle typhoons should i use for the mcr radiators?

all the questions i have for now. sorry for the loads of questions but please help me. i have about 48 hours before i order my stuff. i want to get to work and post some nice pics of progress and the components..

p.s: if u can beet any of the prices above, please post, 1$ saved is 1$ more towards mroe gear.
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  1. anyhelp anyone?
  2. 1. yes all 3 rads are the same and they do the same thing but the desgin for each one is a bit different insides.
    2. You will need to keep it the same metal b/c if you mixed certin metals with each other they can rust from the inside out.
    3. They all do the same thing..
    4. the last 3 links are the same one but it all depends on the fittings that you want to use
    5. or try
    6. I have used paypal alot of times. Its alot safer then giveing them directly your creditcard number
    7. its like all curreceny. they have different rates and stuff. search online for curencey conveter and what is the different prices or try useing tigerdirect they have good selections
    8. yes they will fray if you dont the right size. you will not be able to cut them when you recevied them. they wont be see throught if you dont stretch them too much
    9. are you using the sleaving for the psu cables or just for the psu.
    10. 1/4 should be good for most psu cables
    11. one of them has a window and the inside are painted black
    12. the higher the rpms the more air flow but more noise the typhoons will make.
  3. so what kind of metals are those radS? seems confusing

    and for ur answer to #8, i dont get what u mean? i m gonna sleeve the whole powersupply, not just the ones im using.
  4. so what kind of metals are those radS? seems confusing

    and for ur answer to #8, i dont get what u mean? i m gonna sleeve the whole powersupply, not just the ones im using.
  5. ?????????????
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