[DELETE OLD THREAD] Channel confusion and ballistix ram for p67-ud3?

Hello, I decided on the gigabyte P67A-UD3 because it was the cheapest in stock CF supporting P67 motherboard that suited me. Is this motherboard an OK choice?
Another query is regarding dual and tri channel memory, I think that's 3 ram sticks working together or 2 but I don't know. This motherboard only supports dual channel and 4 slots but I wanted 6GB of ram because it's recommended and all I can afford is 3x2GB crucial ballistix 1600MHz which because it has 3 means it's tri channel(?). Can I put one in the blue and one in the white for complete dual channel and one in a blue or white for single channel? Or is that not how it goes? And is that a waste of money and losing too much performance? Should I get 4GB of dual instead to save money and possibly 2x1GB now or later to have two dual channel sets? Or spend more money on 2x3GB? Or even 8GB! :O
Please help and explain this channel business...
Thanks in advance
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    I would start with 2 x 2GB it is enough for all general computing including gaming. (3 sticks would run in single channel) The channels will be explained in your motherboard manual.
    I would get a different motherboard where the second PCIe x16 slot runs at x8 speed not x4 like the one you selected. Like this one
  2. Thank you very much. I might save money and not go for a 2 x16 PCIe motherboard, after all, in England the motherboards are more expensive even excluding VAT. It's better to not waste money on an extra x4 speed one which is a waste for SLI. I'm going with a gtx 570 and I might wait for a newer card when I upgrade. A few games aren't compatible with dual cards anyway.
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