Help on choosing i5 supported motherboard


i'm building my first computer, but need some advice.

I decided to go with the i5-760 cpu, but just recently saw that the motherboard i wanted was not supporting it :fou:

i wanted a GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R, or a ASUS P6X58D, but both don't support i5 (as i saw on the manufacturers site)

Some help on finding a new MoBo, plz!Or should i go for one of the MoBo above, and buy an i7 anyway?

Again, i'm a newbie...
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  1. Get Sandy bridge, either the 2400s ($149.99 at frys in stores today's ad) or the t2500 with the unlocked multiplier. The board chipset is either the h67 (onboard video support) or p67 (no onboard video).
  2. wouldn't it be better to get the 2400, since it has higher frequencies ( 3,1ghz) , or 2500's (3,3 ghz)

    Btw: i'm looking for a gaming pc :D

    And is there a motherboard you can recommend?
  3. Not many reviews on the socket 1155 boards yet. Can't help you there.
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