Whats the Difference? m4 issue

I see two M4 SSD's that to me look exactly the same except for a couple of things, the sizes are written differently, the speeds are off.

M4 128gig /w Transfer Kit
Says it has a 40 iops read speed

M4 128 gig, nothing else
Says it has a 45 iops read speed

Is there a real difference? Are they really the same SSD just cheaper With an extra coord and CD in the same box? lol.

Also: Will i need to buy a Sata to mobo coord with this, im a newbie whos going to be fully building a new pc this week.

and will this ssd be enough for windows 7 64 bit & a couple 20gig mmos
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  1. One has a transfer kit and the other doesn't. The i/o speeds aren't really noticeable just only a benchmark difference. Also, you will need a SATA plug and power cord. Umm, you said a couple 20 GB MMOs? like 60GB and windows which is roughly 30GB. I'd suggest upgrading to a 256 GB. It's better to not fill up an SSD or the necessary TRIM support/garbage collection won't be optimizing your SSD properly.
  2. Cool, well i would rather have 5k more iops since i don't plan on doing any transferring, i just bought a new copy of W7 so Im good to go.

    Won't my corsair 750w semi modular psu come with a sata power plug, but what sata plug goes with the 256 gig m4?
  3. Yes, it should come with a SATA power plug. All SSD uses the same SATA plugs except one is for power and the other is for data.

    SATA power plug

    SATA data plug

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