Prototype pc lag video

may prototype is so log,
HP pavilion a1410n
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  1. Probably because you're using an integrated graphics solution, ever think of getting a real graphics card? First of all your CPU the Athlon x2 3800 is below the minimum for prototype shich is 4000, second of all you need a Geforce 7800 or above to play, I'm surprised it even works on your pc. Give me your budget for upgrades and I'll make some suggestions.
  2. how we can meet??
  3. Budget, how much you want to spend and in which country you are in, I'm in US so I can't say for prices abroad.
  4. i`m in philippines
  5. In Philippines can you find a computer parts store that has the latest graphics cards and CPUs, or can you order online?
  6. kk thanks
  7. i lol'd
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