i have xfx 8800gt aplha dog

my psu
dell power supply

input 100 120V/6A 50--60HZ
200 240V/3A 50--60GZ
OUTPUT +5V---/28A MAX +12V-----/16A MAX
-5V---/0.5A MAX -12V-----/1A MAX
+5Vsb---/4A MAX +3.3V-----/18A MAX

max continious load on +5vdc and 3,3 output shall exceed 250w total continuos output shall exceed 450w

the psu good or bad to supply power to my graphic card
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  1. 16a max on the 12v? that does not sound right, rather low. you have one of the DELLXPS models?
  2. ct, it's an old PSU. It has a -5 volt output.

    If your PSU is labeled for a 16 amp 12 volt rail, it probably does not have a PCIe power cable.

    You need a better PSU. I recommend one of these:
    Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)
  3. how about cooler master 350W
  4. mo000 said:
    how about cooler master 350W

    Go with corsair over coolermaster.
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