First Build, Please Give Advice


Around $1000 Before Rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Writing computer software, internet use

Sound Card (using onboard sound, at least for now), UPS, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, Hard Drive, OS

No specific preference, I like Newegg, Tigerdirect, and Amazon



Intel Core i7-930 (includes heatsink)

ASUS P6TD Deluxe

Lian Li PC-7B plus II

G Skill F3-12800CL7T-6GBPI


PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 EPS12V (These are hard to find and are not available on Newegg, so I just linked right to the power supply on the site and will decide where I am buying it from later on. I also may end up getting the 750w in the same series, I haven't decided yet.)




This computer is going to be used all day for work, so I would like to make it as quiet and fast as possible. (I have all the parts linked to Newegg, but will not be buying all of them from there). I haven't even looked at optical drives yet, and probably won't until after I order the other parts unless someone has a suggestion. I also may use a dual monitor set up at some point, if someone has a suggestion of a good video card with two DVI ports. Also, I'm pretty sure the processor comes with a heatsink, but does it come with a fan as well? If not, I'll need to buy one. Are there any parts I am forgetting? I would like opinions/recommendations, but would prefer you give a reason why you would make the change. Thanks.
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  1. if you want silence get a samsung spinpoint f3 its pretty quit and a cpu cooler like a scythe mugen 2 (very quiet, inexpensive and more than powerful enough for a man with no OC in mind) since the stock is very loud(it does come with a fan which is revved high since its not such a good heatsink). That mobo is old I'd get a newer one like the asus p6x58d-e or premium. Ohh and 750watt is way overkill for a weak gpu like that but it does leave room for upgrades. I don't like the looks of that case but I'm a gamer so opinions may differ :p. The thermaltake element g has large fans which are at low speeds so also virtually silent. but then again it isn't a small case which may not suit your needs.
  2. Does anyone else have problems with the stock heatsink not being very good and the fan being loud? If so, is there one you would suggest that would work for my build? I don't care much about the looks of the case, and yes, I would like a mid tower so that I have enough room.
  3. I just came across this heatsink: Zalman CNPS9700 It is supposed to be quiet and effective. Does anyone know if it is a good one? Also I know it will work with my CPU, but I wondered if it would work with my motherboard. I assume it would, but didn't know if there were specific connections I needed to think about. Edit: I just looked at this heatsink on Newegg and it says it is only compatible with Intel socket LGA775. Is that correct? On the Zalman site it said it was LGA1366 compatible. Second Edit: With further looking I saw this: The mounting kit ZM-CS4A can be purchased separately for installation onto socket 1366. Will this mounting kit work with my motherboard?

    If I pick a graphics card with two DVI ports for dual monitor setup, will I need extra cooling?

  4. If you want quiet, go case with big fans at low speeds.

    Element G as mentioned is pretty nice. An HAF 922 also has right sized fans, but you'll prob wanna get a fan controller to knock it's RPM's down a bit. A Element G has a built in controller (it's got a very limited range though).

    HSF, just grab a Hyper 212 Plus. It's cheap cools great and at low speeds is barely audible.

    I personally run an i5-750 rig w/ xfire 5850's in an Element G w/ the Hyper 212 Plus. Loudest component is the GPU's fans (which are pretty quiet on idle). Loudest noise is actually sound of air moving.

    Can't tell the system is on from 5 ft away (we'll except for the leds).

    There are plenty of other ways to make a build even quieter, but on a budget this is one of the quieter builds you can get.

    Also, PSU wise you don't need anything close to a 750w. A nice Seasonic 520w is more than enough.
  5. The element G is a midtower(a large one though) btw I own one aswell and am content with it, the fan controller as mentioned is limited though(600-800rpm). the hyper 212 + performs pretty well apperently don't know about the noise though. As far as I've heard the scythe heatsinks are the quitest. And as I mentioned the scythe mugen 2 is a very good choice(at a higher price unfortunately it performs better aswell but that shouldn't matter to anyone with stock clock speeds).
  6. Well heatsinks (a solid piece of metal) don't actually generate noise somebody :p , it's the fan attached to it, and the speed the fan is spinning at.

    Scythe fans are pretty quiet, but using a good heat sink and a stock low power CPU, most fan's aren't gonna need to spin fast enough to generate much noise, hence, no need for an ultra silent fan.

    As i've mentioned, the sound of air moving is the loudest noise in my rig. This noise isn't due to any component, but air simply causes noise when it moves quickly.

    Ultra quiet PC's actually use passive cooling as much as possible to eliminate this air movement noise.
  7. yes I know a heatsink doesn't generate noise LOL! but I would'nt buy extra fans its unneccesary added cost IMO. And passive cooling is obviously the quitest. A prolimatech megahelems without fan would even outperform an hyper 212 with fan according to benchmarks.
  8. I would'nt go for this option though, because you'll have to remove the gpu fan (replace it with a thermalright passive cooler and remove case fans to actually introduce real quiet. And then your still stuck with an optical drive, hard drive and psu making noise. (although this is minimal) Your choice but that will cost you an extra 100dollars orso.
  9. Thanks so much for all the replies. I think I'm pretty well set, and I'd like to order my parts this afternoon. I think these are the only questions I still need answers to:

    Are there any parts I am forgetting? I haven't even looked at optical drives yet, and probably won't until after I order the other parts unless someone has a suggestion.

    I would like to be able to use dual monitor setup in the future, if anyone has a suggestion of good video card with two DVI ports instead of the card I have. If I pick a graphics card with two DVI ports for dual monitor setup, will I need extra cooling?

    Does anyone know if the Zalman CNPS9700 heatsink is a good one? Will this mounting kit (ZM-CS4A) work with my motherboard?

  10. Just curious, do you know how to setup a computer without an optical drive?

    re: GPU for $50 none w/ 2 DVI. Cheapest would be 9500gt $65

    Very old though. Personally I would go below a 4850 $99

    Why do you insist on a HSF that is more expensive than a Hyper 212 Plus, performs worse, and has the extra headache of not natively supporting 1156?
  11. lol I would'nt say it so rudely but he has a point :p about the HSF
  12. Quote:
    Just curious, do you know how to setup a computer without an optical drive?

    Well, I'm not exactly sure. I could put all the components together, but I suppose you wouldn't be able to install the OS or anything like that without an optical drive, right?

    Thanks for the info about the GPU's, I'll have to take a look at them and see what I think.

    On the HSF, I have heard a lot of good reviews on the Zalman. It is supposed to be the best for silence, and they do have a compatibility mounting kit. I will take another look at the one you suggested. Does anyone have personal experience with the Zalman? How is its performance?
  13. Benchmarks for Hyper 212 plus vs Zalman CNPS9700

    the CM is highlighted, the zalman is about 15 below it. Basically it's hotter and louder.
  14. Doesn't look like a huge difference, but I'll look at the Hyper 212 Plus. One question - my CPU and motherboard are for socket LGA1366 and this is for 1156. Will this HSF still work with my system? Edit: In looking at this HSF, I noticed that it comes with thermal paste. Do you have to use the stuff that comes with it or can I use the Antec Silver 5 that I have?
  15. The Hyper 212 Plus natively supports every socket type in use today. It's actually a pretty clever mount they made.

    You can use w/e thermal paste you want. You have to apply it yourself for aftermarket HSF's.

    In the 150W test it's 11% hotter and 6 dba louder...costs $20 more + the price of a separate mount to fit on 1156.
  16. the zalman is just for show like all thermaltake products if you want performance and low noise go cooler master, noctua, scythe or thermalright
  17. I wasn't able to find the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610w power supply to buy, so I am looking at what looks like its successor, the Silencer MK II 650w, although it doesn't look to easy to find, either. Does anyone know about this, as to its reputation and where I can buy it?
  18. I would go with the i7 860 it's cooler and more efficent then the i930 and just as fast
  19. although that may be true it's less future proof and doesn't support triple channel memory
  20. Thanks for all the assistance. I have the parts in the mail now. Wish there was a way to mark a thread solved without selecting a best answer...I don't know which one to pick as they all helped me out in one way or another!
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