Samsung 830 SSD not able to set as boot drive

I've attempted to Windows Vistat my SSD as the boot drive, however I run into the following issues.

-Windows installer states, Can not not set drive as boot because drive is using GPT partition.

-When I attempt to set the bios from SATA mode to AHA (not sure if i have the acromym right) the drive is still not able to be installed to by windows.

Be aware that when in SATA mode all drive including the SSD are visible to both the bios and the OS.

Any ideas folks ?
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  1. Did you change in the BIOS to ACHI before you installed your OS?

    All you need to do is reformat the partition. Go into disk management. Delete the partition and reformat it to NTFS, and allocation size 4096.
  2. Yeah the drive was set to ACHI but the drives default partition made it impossible to use as a boot drive. (as i later discovered)

    Changing the partition resolved the situation.
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