Which DDR?

I got lost track in new technology i still use dim in my old computer :),
but my sligtly more modern computer has these spec:
333- and 400-MHz DDR SDRAM

Memory connectors
small mini-tower computer: 4

Memory capacities
128-MB, 256-MB, 512-MB, or 1-GB non-ECC

What kind of memory would be best for my pc?
Does ddr 3 or 2 requares a whole different kind of slots then ddr ? :)
Ty in advance :hello:
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  1. You cannot use DDR2 nor DDR3. Physically they are not compatible with DDR slots. If you want to use them you need to change the board and in turn the CPU.

    As for the speed, 333 (PC2700) or 400MHz (PC3200), try to match with your existing memory. Or change them all to 400Mhz.
  2. Are ddr 1gb and ddr3 1gb have such a big difference i mean that you can see it clearly? :)
  3. check your board specs if it says ddr you can't use ddr 3 wont fit an work
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