My hard drive is not recognized in my BIOs

Just built my first PC and am trying to install windows 7, but no drives are detected to install it on. I have the Seagate Momentus XT hard drive and the thermaltake level 10 super GT case. I have connected the HDD bays to power and the SATA is plugged in, but my HDD still is not recognized no matter what I do, I boot up, with the ASrock Extreme 3, click F2 to go in my UEFI setup utility and am trying everything I know, but my HDD just is not showing up. Someone said I may need to setup it up before hand, but I dont know what that means. Any advice is appreciated, ill try anything. I have become so frustrated and dont have a clue what im doing wrong.
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  1. At my UEFI screen I have the options, main, OC tweaker, Advanced, H/W monitor, boot, security, and exit. I assume i go to advanced which has all the configurations for CPU, North and south bridge, storage, super IO, ACPI, and USB, along with Instant flash.
  2. just got it to be recognized by using a SATA cable from an old computer that attached the HDD. This seems exxtremely stupid seeing how my HDD didnt come with any cables and my case is supposed to have hotswap for all drives... so it seems like there should just be one SATA in the case which I thought i had already plugged in to SATA2_2, but it is still not detected and so i have it recognized on the SATA2_3 with the cable.
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