XFX Nforce 750I motherboard, unstable as a drunk bottle of water

Ok, kick me i bought an xfx nforce 750I mobo. I liked it and it works with my current component list, and fit my price range..just

I installed every thing into the case, sorted all me wiring and went for a first time boot, with out preparing for it i have to admit, i didnt do a mobo+cpu+heatsink test boot. sorry.

when booting for the first time i just hung with no beeps or any thing and posted every single debugging code which returns as RESERVED on a debugging code website...yay. i had a look inside to reseat every thing and burnt my self on the gpu...swear word me that thing was hot...any way i got every thing reseated and tried again, i finaly got things to boot to windows so in installed the drivers from the CD, checked them against online ones and every thing was up to date.

now, do i need to update the BIOS or anything? iv tried playing a few games and most of them freeze up minutes into playing.
Also when restarting/ turning on, itl just hang with a blank screen, my moniter will ither say no signal or just stay black and i cant start it with out force turning it off and pressing the Clear CMOS button, then it will boot, and give me two options, Default start up or enter setup. Default start up takes me to the desktop fine but i have to do that every time it powers down then on again, and entering setup (BIOS settings) no matter what i change or leave alone, save changes/load defaults/exit with out saving itl restart and just hang...

Any tips, hint, advice, tellings off, or anything to make this thing work?

P.S. I knew it was going to be a pig from reading loads fo reviews/forums about this board. I dont want to RMA it because there was a £25 customs charge and im not doing that again

any way thanks for reading/posting
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  1. Should have bought a P4x board. P43 or P45 would have been much better.

    We know nothing about your computer. You should probably start by letting us know what's inside your computer. From the limited info I have it could be an over heating GPU, but its just a guess.
  2. ok specs....im going to make a sig with my specs i post on here often. I bought this bored for when i go SLI, i have had huge trouble finding sli boards for an core 2 quad with ddr2ram. and i didnt want a P5N-D

    core 2 quad Q8200 with a zalman 9900nt cooler (not oced)
    4gb (2x2) Corsair XMS2 ddr2 800mhz
    Xfx Nforce 750i mobo Upgraded to this from a Asus P5kpl/1600 which was dieing.
    XFX gts250 core edition
    Samsung F3 1tb
    power-cool 650watt psu
    4 led case fans....
    a generic dvd rom
    a floppy drive....just in case..
    G3 mouse, razor/Microsoft Reclusa keyboard, wireless 360 controller, nintendo wifi dongle thign.......erm and a 19in hd ready screen
    7.1 surround sound.

    thats everything.
    I have been monitering my temps since i got the new case and its been running OK, This mobo does run hotter then the asus, and this coolmaster elite 450 case runs hotter then my old one......when i upgraded the case there was a 10degrees C rise in temps, replaced and upgraded the motherboard there has been a 4/7degrees C rise. Roughly

    this is what speed fan is saying atm...10 mins since power on and just read emails and posting on here:
    Core0: 40c
    Core1: 37c
    Core2: 38c
    Core3: 41c
    Core: 48 <-----i think thats gpu core....as its the same as the gpu temp
    Temp2: 28
    Temp1: 22
    GPU: 48

    If i run a game, say..bat man arkham asylum or far cry 2 and max every thing, except physX ¬¬ for about half an hour the temps of some componants are higher 60's, iv not seen anything go past 68c yet... im planning on taking it to my techy, as its most likly something im over looking and haven't ticked a single box somewhere to say "yes this is awesome now work".. like last time i had one setting wrong and i couldnt install windows ¬¬
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