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I have almost finished building my computer and I have a quick question.
My PSU has no option but to be mounted on the bottom. PSU fan faces upward and the video card fan which is fairly close to the PSU faces the PSU. So both fans point to each other. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but will this be a problem?
Please take a look at the pictures below and let me know.


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  1. I have the same setup with an 8800gtx above the PSU and it's fine.
  2. You are fine. I have a second video card in mine which is way closer than yours. heat is not a problem for me if that is what you a worrying about.
  3. U R GOOD.

    THe PSU pulls air out of the case, and exhausts it out the back. A benefit!

    If you are worried, flip the thing over. It's setting on rails, so it's not ON the bottom of the case.

    Monster Case, Dude! What kind?

    Do yourself a favor, and get a aftermarket CPU Cooler. I would recommend a Ximatek Dark Knight, or Mungen Rev2. Look on THG for reviews. And have the fan blow through the cooler fins, and towards the back fan, out the case.
  4. Thanks for everyone's reply.

    My case is pretty big. I didn't realize it was going to be that huge. It is a pretty nice case though. I like it.

    Here it is -
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