My Passport Showing multiple drives?

I have had a "My Passport" external hard drive for a few months now, randomly after restarting my computer (No particular reason, no updates were installed, I just turned off my computer, and then later tuned it back on.) My passport showed up in 3 separate drives. It normally shows as my E:\ drive, but now its showing as E:\, F:\, and G:\.
The E, F, and G drives say they need to be formatted, however I have heard on other forums to not format it, for this could cause further damage, and personally I do not want to lose these files. I have tried uninstalling, and then re-installing this external hard drive, to meet the same demise. Any help?
Also this drive shows up in device manager with no issues.
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  1. Umm, do you have any methods to back up your files from this drive? You may want to delete those partitions.
  2. I have tried recovery software, to no avail. Furthermore i'm not sure whats going on with these partitions, or the repercussions to deleting any of them.
  3. If you have any data, then most likely yes.
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