Sapphire 5850 Displayport problems with BFBC2

My setup: Sapphire 5850, CCC 10.3, 2 1920X1080 DVI monitors and 1 1920X1080 Displayport monitor.

Here's my problem: I can use the monitor that has native Displayport for almost everything, but when I try to run BFBC2, the game crashes to desktop. When I try to run BFBC2 in Eyefinity, I get the error, "Displayport Link Failure."

I'm able to run these games in 1920X1080 using the Displayport monitor: FarCry2, Half-Life 2, Crysis, and Dirt2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Here's a little more info/clarification:

    BFBC2 does not play on single DP monitor or DP monitor in eyefinity 3X1
    FarCry2 does play on single DP monitor.
    Half-Life 2 does play on single DP monitor and all monitors in eyefinity 3X1
    Crysis does play on single DP monitor (haven't tried eyefinity 3X1 yet)
    Dirt2 does play on single DP monitor but does not play on DP monitor in eyefinity 3X1

    Should I just RMA the card?
  2. can you get 3 monitors displaying on the desktop?

    read the guides on how to do it and what combination etc

    using a powered displayport to dvi/hdmi adaptor?

    tested your hardware before blaming the card?
  3. Yes, I can get the three monitors to display the desktop. Eyefinity works just fine for everything except Dirt2 and BFBC2--those are the only games I have at the moment that have been validated to run on Eyefinity. Half-Life 2 works, but the hud and crosshair have disappeared.

    I've read the guides and followed the instructions. Eyefinity works fine with the exception of the "validated" games I own.

    My monitor is native Displayport, so an adaptor is unnecessary.

    The monitor and card work fine in Eyefinity when playing Half-Life 2.

    I'm going to mess around with CCC settings to see if it is the problem.

    I spent last night searching the internet for a solution to this problem, but I found none. There was one other posting with this same issue, and, of course, no solution was offered. I can't believe that I'm the only person who has experienced this.
  4. I think I solved my problem. I'm posting this just in case others run into the same issue.

    BFBC2: Instead of resuming where I left off in the game prior to enabling Eyefinity, I started a new game and BFBC2 worked flawlessly on Eyefinity. The save file must have info that negatively impacts Eyefinity.

    Dirt2: I edited the game config file so that it would display the game in full screen mode, and I started a new game.

    Starting a new game seems to do the trick.
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