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Ok well recently my 8600gt just broke and all i have now is an old BFG 8400gs which I will have to use for about the next 2-3 months since I'm real low on cash right now. But when I got it on, desktop composition was HORRIBLE. Like the aero effects were just dang terrible. For example, ussually when I open an app, it's like a slideshow pretty much and it's really bugging me. The directx games are fine but the visuals just kill the card even more.

What I have tried:
-Getting a bigger power supply
-Regular drivers and latest drivers
-formatting pc

I cannot find a solution to this. BUT one of my friends told me to get a bios update on the card. So I tried looking for it online but i simply cannot find it anywhere on the web. I really need help :(
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  1. Turn Aero off.
  2. That makes even worse and lag even more
  3. you sure you have the right drivers installed? It sounds to me like how my PC's run before I install the graphics drivers. I don't know about BIOS flashing on that type of card, but if you can find a BIOS, might not be a bad thing to try. Even just a total uninstall + driversweeper run and reinstall of the latest drivers for that particular card would be a good thing to try. Especially with it running worse without aero on makes it seem like its a driver issue of some sort.
  4. Sorry for me to respond back but I've tried loads of drivers and the drivers with the cd i had for it. I've seen loads of other people with this graphics card and their visuals are fine. This is really weird =/
  5. Ok what I don't get though is that my really old intergrated graphics card runs super smooth at the desktop composition with aero and it bugs me a lot
  6. OK if you got at least $40 go on eBay and pick off a better card, I landed a 8600gt for $16 last week.
  7. +1 to Nforce4max. I would spend a little to get a better card. Not sure what your trouble is, but it could be your card is actually having hardware related problems/is dying. Who knows.
  8. *** this lol ill just get a new graphics card probably an 8800gt :D
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