Dual core processor E3400 ( GRAPhics card )

Hello,i want to know that wich graphics card would be best for Dual core processor E3400.i want to have a 1gb or 2gb graphics card
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  1. What resolution are you playing at?... you don't really wanna risk splashing out extra for a 2gb card if it's gonna be bottlenecked by the cpu
  2. so wat will b best for my comp
  3. I need to know what max resolution your moniter supports, and therefore which resolution you will likely be gaming at
  4. i dont knw how to find max resolution but my monitor is a H193HQV lcd monitor(acer)
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    Just to clarify.. this is a dekstop not a laptop right??

    From what i can find the max resolution of that screen is 1440x900

    Depending on your budget i would go for the:

    <£100 = HD 5670
    £100-150 = HD 5770
    >£230 = HD 5850

    You should however understand that gaming at below 1680x1050 is relatively dependant upon your CPU...
    You might want to look at a cpu upgrade should your socket and/or budget allow for it

    If possible post your full system specs and perhaps someone can suggest something

    Edit: Sure your moniter isn't the 'H193HQ' ? Either way those three cards are good choices, but that moniter maxes at 1366x768
    which just means what i said about CPU is even more relevant to these resolutions
  6. the max resolution is 1366*768@60Hz

    now can u help me plss
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