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I am looking fora low power PCI 2.0 x16 graphics card to upgrade my dell with. I was wondering if there are any cards that use low power but can still pack a punch and be good for gaming. I think it only have a 300 watt PSU and I would prefer to get a videocard without having to upgrade the PSU.
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  1. With a Dell 300W psu, you should be able to run a radeon HD 5670 and be able to run games at decent settings. They're only about $80. What is your budget?
  2. Preferably under 100, going to check that out
  3. the 5670 is about the most powerful GPU you'll be close to running with that PSU. I wouldn't even think about going any higher powered than that.
  4. Okay, thanks, I don't know why I ever bought a dell
  5. Haha- we've all done it at some point:-)
    Edit: and then we learn better and never do it again!
  6. Also, which would you recommend, should I get a GT 240 and also upgrade my PSU or just get the 5670, going to be using it for gaming
  7. $44 will get you the ability to use any ATI single gpu 5xxx series card

  8. 5670 is faster than the GT240. And yes- $44 will let you use any of the 5000 series ATI cards, though for $100 or less, the 5670 is still about the best you are gonna do. The next step is the 5750 which is in the $120-130 range, at which point you might as well just to $150 for the 5770.
  9. Im probably about to buy one, and they all say minimum of 400 watt power supply required, you guys sure it will run with my dell?
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