Single +12V vs Multiple +12V

The difference?? Also, I am wondering if you add up the +12V to know how much A there is... Ex.

That PSU has two +12V @ 18A. Is it 18A or do you add them two together to get 36A?

I am getting a GTS 250 and I am just wondering if that PSU will work with the card or not.
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  1. A good PSU will tell you the combined power available between its 12V rails. An Apevia unit with passive PFC isnt a good PSU. In general you cant just add up the power on the rails to get the total power, a dual 18A PSU is probably only capable of 34A total which is still plenty for a GTS 250.

    Single rail vs multiple rail it doesnt make much of a difference, as long as the combined power between the 12V rails is the same the unit will perform the same. Many units that claim multiple 12V rails actually have them all joined together and just claim multiple 12V rails because an old intel spec required it, that requirement was changed to a recommendation several years ago.

    For more on single vs multiple rail PSUs see the jonnyguru faq on the subject
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