Can't get Corsair Dominator 1066 Mhz PC2 8500 run as such

Unless someone convince me otherwise, i keep believeing the memory is working at 6400, not 8500
It's about a Gigabyte UD3(rev.1.0) latest bios version (F9) and a 2x2GB sticks Corsair Dominator 1066Mhz PC2 8500.
I tried several things including changing the settings from auto to manual configs either in the timing and the voltage.
Here I attach several screenshots from Easytune6, CPU-Z and the bios.
Hope somebody gives me a hint?? (at the moment I loaded Optimized defaults, which is almost what you see in the bios screenshots).

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  1. someone?
    want to add that the bios as well as the memtest state that the memory runs at 533 Mhz (533x2=1066Mhz??) but that is supposed to mean PC2 8500, but either Easytune as CPU-Z states PC2 6400.
    Voltage is at 2.1 at the moment, and the timing is set manually 5,5,5,15 Command Rate=2.
    Is the memory working alright? I have some about 2 crashes a-day and i started with the memory.
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