PC randomly shuts down

After recently upgrading my case from the stock gateway dx4200 to an NZXT M59
I have been having some issues.

Now when i am in a game the computer will shut off randomly. the issue is that the front power light and the front usb ports still have power. i think it is either a short somewhere or something is overheating.

I have plenty of airflow with 6 120mm fans and all temps are perfectly fine.

I think the issue may be the power supply which is an OCZ 500w ModxStream pro, I also have upgraded to a sapphire 5770 but have also run a 4770 with the same issues
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  1. are you sure your cpu cooler is on well and that it didnt get screwed up when you migrated cases...?
  2. the cpu maxes out at 54 degrees and running prime 95 for an hour it hit 61

    so i doubt that is the issue.

    i've tried running side panel off even adding fans and nothing seems to help.

    today it has been alot worse , I can only play MW2 for about 1 min. and it will shut down. If i just browse the internet or let it sit idle it doesn't seem to have an issue at all.
    although when I was switching the MOBO from one case to another i bumped the northbridge heatsink and it came unseated i pushed it back on.

    when i first tried to start the computer after the case swap it would turn on for about 5 sec. then shut off. the only way to get it to restrat was to cycle the power supply switch. after some messing around i got it to the point it is at now.
  3. sure no shorts btween mobo and case (standoffs)
  4. i doubt it but there is one funny thing the screw hole in the bottom right hand corner of my mobo doesn't line up with a hole in the case.

    I have access to mx-2, and tx-2 should i use it to reset my northbridge heatsink and my cpu
  5. try it. and if its a micro-atx motherboard, yes sometimes that happens. just be careful you dont strainm that corner of the mobo when you stick the sata cables in or something.
  6. it is a micro atx mobo it's a gateway dx4200 board made by foxconn

    i put a small piece of rubber wrapped in electrcal tape under neath the mobo to support it.

    im going to try to repaste everything within in the next few days

    thanks for the help. i'll repost if anything changes.
  7. tried repasting the northbridge with mx-2 and the NB heatsink is noticeably cooler to the touch but it still shuts off

    Do you think it's possible my PSU is overheating or maybe something has gone array in my cpu.

    I have access to an athalon dual core that i may test.
  8. I would check PSU cooling. I have seen my own PC's before just shut down if I didn't have a fan mounted underneath the PSU to create a stream of air to help cool it. So that's the first place I'd look, as OCZ usually makes decent power supply.
  9. well it seems i've got it running pretty good.

    i got a temperature gun and the center of the NB heatsink reads 42 c which is perectly fine
    i repasted the CPU with mx-2 and it now tops out at 58 in a 1 hr. stability test

    I flipped the psu over so air flow is not restricted by the case's small air holes on the bottom. i also unplugged my cd drive and i think it is working good.

    Here are my temps as it sits idle after a match in MW2
    Ambient case temp-38
    NB heatsink-41
    GFX card (5770)-41
  10. So you have a bottom mount PSU then? Glad it's working. Later, if you wanted, you could throw a pci slot cooler fan a slot or two above your power supply to pull the hot air it exhausts out of your system so that it does not stay in there and build up.
  11. yeah
    although i doubt any air will be trapped in the b/c my graphics card is only about 6 in. away from the PSU so they will be venting the air out pretty well.

    plus i have the 2 120mm's on top venting and a 120 in the back
  12. well today while playing mw2 it shut off again in the same manner.

    I am completely stumped, I repasted the NB and the CPU and all temps were great but it just shut off.

    I'm beginning to think the power supply is the fault.
  13. Maybe the power supply is faulty. Try another one and see what happens.
  14. if i had another one i would but i don't other than the stock one but the i can't run my GFX card and therefore can't play games.
  15. What you could do, go to like a best buy or someplace, maybe grab one to test with. If it works great, if that's not the issue return it.
  16. i could

    there is a little computer repair shop in town maybe i could take it there and we could test a psu and see if it solves any issues.
  17. after about a month and a half of solid operation the problem has returned I rarely make it through an entire match of MW2 without it shutting down.

    again here is my problem
    when i am in a game the computer will shut off randomly. the issue is that the front power light and the front usb ports still have power.

    If some one could please help I would much appreciate it. money is tight and this is the only computer i have and will have for awhile so I am desperate.
  18. Very well could be the power supply going bad. My dad actually just had to RMA an OCZ power supply. Might be worth checking. If you have a microcenter by you, check them out. I picked up a 450 watt BFG Technologies power supply for 30 dollars to sell to a customer just recently. However, it had 2 12v+ rails at 18 amps each. So actually a decent power supply. Not on the level of say a corsair or something like that. However, for 30 bucks, and it's a BFG, you know with BFG you are going to get quality stuff.

    In fact, here's this one for 30 bucks, and it's modular to boot.


    Might be worth checking out if you are on a budget. Also, keep in mind too, it's possible for just parts of a power supply to be faulty. Which could explain why it goes off after so long, but then you still have power on the front panel.
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