Just a question out of curiosity of RAM

Lets say we have 8GB of RAM with 4 memory modules holding 2GB each, just running Windows 7 64 Bit, or any other OS that shows 8GB of memory.

or we can say having 16GB of RAM (4x4 modules) running Windows 7 64 bit, on idle, or just running 1 very low resource program such as MSPaint, or Notepad.

Assuming only Windows is running, and 2GB is being used, does the data go only on 1 module or is it parted out on all modules?

I would imagine that the memory is divided on each stick so the modules do get used, however I want to make sure.

I never stopped to think about how that works.
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  1. Dual channel! Using at least two modules! The rest does not matter all that matters is that it does not have to use the swap file on the HDD!
  2. true it does not matter really. but this is just a computer science question that I'm curious about.

    So it uses at least 2 modules, but if it doesn't need to use more than 4GB of ram then it won't. is this what you are implying?
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