Memory card not detected how to recover data

Memory card not detected how to recover data
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  1. Gonna need more info on the situation. Do you mean that an SD/MicroSD card is not working properly and you want to get data off of it?
  2. Quote:
    Do you change another PC to have a try?
    Sometimes, the loose connection can cause the undetected problem.
    If the consequence is the same, you can use a recovery program to help you.

    As I know, this free recovery program is what you are looking for:
    I had used it to recover my photos from my formatted memory card last time.

    Never save anything new to this memory card until you have recovered all data.
    Always back up your data as much as possible in the future.

    Thanks a million that I got my flash memory card lost photos back. Recovered almost 95% of lost data. Thanks for the one who start the thread and the solution offered on this thread. I cannot love you more...

    I come here by chance and I find this forum is interesting - full of skilled PC users.
  3. shashibond001 said:
    Memory card not detected how to recover data
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