Display problems.

Just over a week ago I started having problems with my PC. Namely that after start-up my monitor would click on and off for about 20 minutes before settling down. Thinking my monitor was dying I tried another monitor but had the same problem. So, next port of call, the graphics card. I purchased an nvidia 210 and installed it on my machine. Everything appeared to be fine until the reboot after installing the drivers, a blue screen flashed up too quick to read before my PC restarted itself. I started in safe mode, rolled back the changes, then it worked fine again....until I tried to install the drivers again. Exactly the same thing happened.

I then used a driver cleaner to get rid of all video drivers and tried again to install the new drivers. Same problem. I removed all the old ATI onboard card drivers and disabled it. (Interestingly I tried my old card without the drivers and hey presto, no problem.)

I have since run many malware scans with malwarebytes and done sfc scans too. I've even formatted and reinstalled windows 7. All to no avail. I'm currently running my PC without any video drivers, but obviously I'd rather not.

I've had my PC for about 2 years, a jetway M2A694-GHG motherboard, AMD64 dual core cpu,670 chipset,4 gig ram. Built by and purchased from Aria. I'm currently running Win7 64 Pro.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
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  1. What versions of the drivers did you try for both the Nvidia GT210 and the ATI IGP?
  2. I've no idea what the ATI drivers were,with the G210 at first windows searched downloaded and installed the drivers, then I got rid of them and installed the ones that came on the installation disk - 190.45 - and I've tried the latest 197.13 drivers from the nvidia site.
  3. I have to post out of sheer astonishment! I wouldn't recommend ever buying a PC from Aria. When I first bought it, it crashed and said it needed the BIOS reflashing, I took it back and they said there was nothing wrong with it and if I brought it back again under warranty and there was nothing wrong I would be charged. It worked fine until the above mentioned problems started. (because of some auto back-up of bios or something) After many days spent googling and trying new things I finally found out today that the jetway MBs have ALWAYS had a problem with the PCI slot and a BIOS upgrade was available to make the slot work.......it has been available since 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As someone who only knows about PCs and their workings from what I find out when mine gives me a problem I've got to say I'm a little p****d off about this.

    Rant done. Bios updated and reflashed. Video card installed and working. For now. :sarcastic:
  4. Wow. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad you got it fixed! I was working through the issues that normally cause that type of problem, and the PCI-e slot was one of my next guesses, but I've never used jetway mobo's (I avoid them as they aren't the best quality out there) so I didn't know about the BIOS issues.
    Anyway- Glad you fixed it!
    P.S.- next time instead of buying a PC like that, just build one- you'll be happier:-)
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