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Let me premise this with, if I could afford a new laptop I would be buying one, but a divorce has left me just getting by. I have an older Dell Inspiron laptop that until a few months ago was working with no problems. It then decided that it could not pick up the wifi signal, so I connected it via a cable to the router. Last week it decided that it will go on line for maybe 5 - 10 mintues and then lose the internet connections. I can log off and on, and hard boot and will not connect. then I can wait a few days, and it will connect for again 5 - 10 min. Any ideas that can limp me thru for a few months so I can save for a new laptop? I am not totally computer unsavy, but not a genius.
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  1. Have you tried resetting the router and modem? Uplug the power for both for about a minute or so and then reconnect the power to both. It will probably take a couple of minutes for both to come back online. I'm not sure that will solve the problem but it is worth a shot.
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