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In all your humble opinions, who puts out the best HD 5870? I see XFX, ASUS, HIS, Sapphire, gigabyte, diamond and others all have them out there, but which are considered the better buy as too reliability and service? I'm going thru Newegg for most of this hardware.
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  1. Reliability and service? XFX
    Overclocking? MSI/ASUS.
  2. +1 to Shadow Adding:
    Cooling: Sapphire/HIS

    Personally, I'd go XFX as reliability and warranty are really important, but other things are more important to other people.
  3. Stay away from Diamond. Gigabyte is alright.
  4. I'm fairly new to homebuilding, so it sounds like XFX will probably be my best choice.
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