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Hello Tom's Hardware community, I'm coming for help to you guys once again.

I recently got Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/Modern Warfare 2 for PC and while MW2 is sort of easy to play on PC my main problem is PES 2010. The controls are just plain weird and I don't think I'm going to get used to them.

I would like to purchase a gamepad that I could plug into my computer that the game will recognize and let me play as if I was on a console.

I checked newegg and found a ton of ps3/360 controllers but I don't know which one is best or will be compatible.

I'm running Windows XP 32 Bit SP3
Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT
2gb Ram

Oh forgot to mention that I also have a ps2 dual shock controller, I don't have a 360 or ps3. Just a Ps2.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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  1. I have an old Logitech controller that resembles a PS2 controller that I really like.


    They have software that enables you to map each button for each game individually. They also have downloads for some games that have the buttons mapped automatically...not sure about MW2 or anything.

    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: Here's a website with the custom profiles for some games.

  2. Will it work for the newer games like PES 2010/FIfa 10?
  3. Yeah, it should, assuming that the game has support for controllers.

    Not all games support controllers at all, so the game has to support controllers in the first place.

    Oh yeah, and when you map buttons using the Logitech software, it saves. I didn't make that clear earlier.
  4. I've no issues playing PES 2010 on my PC with my logitech precision gamepad.. If you require something more fancy then i'd suggest the XBOX 360 controller for PC (only problem is that its white colored)..
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