Handle a 5850?

i don;t know where to post this so
will 650tx handle a 5850 (gonna oc)
if not 750tx will?

rest of system

4gb ram 2x2g
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  1. Yes it will no problems. Hd5850 only needs a 500watt psu
  2. The 650 would be more than fine.
  3. which is the best 5850 for the money($330 and down)?

    it should allow me to oc (1000/1200?) :) :)

    and runs cool.

  4. thanks guys.
  5. I could be mistaken but believe you need an MSI or Asus card to modify the voltage to achieve a high overclock. The other cards can do so as well but you would have to flash them with a bios from one of the cards that can. For $330 this would be the one to get;
    Looks like a nice cooler, but if you want to save some money by flashing the bios this is a nice deal;
  6. Rustyy117 said:
    For that kind of overclock you'll need good cooling

    Not really. The card runs very cool and even the standard cooler is supposedly fine for a high OC.
  7. You can adjust the voltage on any HD5850, I have a Gigabyte HD5850 and can adjust the voltage with MSI Afterburner. You don't need an ASUS or MSI BIOS.

    Yeah the stock cooler is fine for 1000/1200 if you love the sound of a jet engine... The stock cooler is good, no doubt about it, just not for extreme overclocks.
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