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I was looking at newegg and I saw "Integrated Memory Controller Speed: Dual Channel PC3-10667U (DDR3-1333) for 2 Module, Dual Channel PC3-8500U (DDR3-1066), Dual Channel PC2-8500U (DDR2-1066) What does this mean? Does this mean that this CPU can only handle 1333Mhz RAM? Also when I looked at the memory some mobos support it said "1600 O.C." can I still put regular 1600Mhz RAM in it?
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    Your first question: simply means the cpu works with the ram. Am2 cpus don't work with ddr3, but am3 runs with either ddr2 or ddr3, depending on the motherboard chipset. 1600 oc means the board has a lower speed limit for the ram unless you overclock the cpu. My h55 board only runs at 1333 for the ram, unless I adjust the cpu fsb from 133 default up to 160 (overclock). Then the ram will run at 1600.
  2. Thank you very much. :D
  3. It says DDR3 1333Mhz, does that mean that it will only support up to 1333Mhz DDR3?
  4. Nope. Most boards will run faster ram at the slower speed. Use the qvL listing on your board website for tested ram; buy the cheaper stuff if you don't overclock.
  5. So an AMD phenom ii x6 1090t will support all of the DDR3s and DDR2s and DDRs, right? I am trying to build my dad a computer and I really do not want to fail, lol. :lol:
  6. see your motherboard specs for memory slot supported this is a am3 socket processor ,it should use ddr3 some board use drr2 but not ddr for this one
  7. Okay, thanks for putting up with me. :lol:
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  9. +1 for you donut
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