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CS4 and CS5 production suite question

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April 30, 2010 3:55:12 AM

I have built a computer about a year ago with windows xp pro 32bit. I7 processor, Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard,
2x1TB raided drives(mirrored) 1x500gb for the system drive (applications) 2x 4850 ATI Radeon graphics card 512mb each. 6 gigs of ram (only 3 is recognized because of the 32bit OS)

NOW.... I bought windows 7 professional 64bit.
6 more gigs of ram so I could have 12 gigs total.
And my Premiere Pro CS4 Production Suite just arrived.

Does anyone have any advise or let me know if this system will fly with these specs (and what I am going to change and upgrade as mentioned above)
I am keeping the graphic cards the same as mentioned unless you would suggest i need to change them.
Also... in the near future I will be upgrading to the Adobe Premiere CS5 package.

My concern is if it will all run smooth editing 1920x1080p footage. Will I be pulling my hair out with the rendering? I edit with at times footage from three or four cameras at a time on the timeline.
And sometimes graphics overlaying.

And... how would AfterEffects perform with what I am going to have in my system?

like i said i will be getting CS5 in the future but for now I will be using CS4.

I would appreciate any helpful information that will set me on the right track if I am not already there.

Thanks much,

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April 30, 2010 4:07:58 AM

For what it's worth, I still have a copy of CS4 on a laptop with 2GB of RAM. It runs a mite slow when you have more than a couple other programs open, but it does work and isn't too terrible to deal with.

Of course, it sounds like you're doing way bigger projects than I ever was on that machine, but you've really got the perfect system to deal with it. I would not worry about performance at all; you have one of the fastest CPUs available and a huge amount of RAM, so you can't get much better for editing.
April 30, 2010 5:03:37 AM

Thanks taco,

I have bin editing with other systems including a Mac which had Finalcut Pro.
I went through a lot of rendering times and man was it ever annoying. Every time I moved or altered something, anything even a transition I would have to wait for the rendering. Ridiculous. I wonder if the Premiere and AfterEffects will be the same or better.
I have edited on a system in a network studio. It seems to be a very flexible
and stable software for editing. I am changing from using FCP on a Mac. I see that Premiere is similar in ways. Hope it does well for what I need. I have clients over at times and modify things right in front of them. just don't want to waste there time with showing how a project renders all the time. This is why I am concerned.

Thanks for your input. Sounds like I may be alright with what I have now.
It took Avatar about 14 years to complete with mostly Adobe products and that's with millions of dollars spent on there systems i would think... hmmmm maybe one day ha ha ha ;) 

thank you again

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