Noob question about CPU cooling

A friend just gave me his old rig minus the hard drive and video card :pt1cable:

It's nothing spectacular but you can't beat free:

Mobo: MSI P35 Neo2
RAM: 8GB (2GBx4) OCZ PC6400 @ 5-6-6-18
CPU: ? (some Core2Duo)
Heatsink: Thermaltake TMG i1
Case: some XION full ATX
DVD: some Sony DVDRW

Since there's no onboard video out and I don't have a PCIe card, I can't check the specs on the CPU. Can I temporarily remove the the heaksink to see the CPU model? If you remove the heaksink, do you have to reapply thermal paste? Will I even be able to read the model number off the back of the CPU at this point?

Also, this is more discussion than question, what are your thoughts buying a GPU and HD to put this guy back online versus selling it?

Thanks for the input!
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    yeah you can take the heatskink and fan off but you will have to reapply thermal paste to read the writing on the cpu
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  3. Thanks for the info. I'll check it out soon.
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