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Hi everyone,

I'm a newcomer here and have read many great advice and opinions on this forum. Please do bear with me and give me your opinions as to my options for upgrading my current PC

Mobo - P35-DS3R
CPU - E6750
GPU - 8800GT 512MB (Stock OC)
RAM - 2*1GB Ballistix Tracer DDR2 800
PSU - Not sure
OS - XP 32bit

I think I'm consider a extreme casual gamer (MW2, Dragon Age, etc). Loves high resolution and pretty eye candy. Thus my current display is at 1920*1080 via HDMI - LCD TV setup

As of recent, I feel some of the games I can't bump up to that resolution anymore or can't get to higher settings.

The following is the upgrades I have thought of and do give your opinions.

1. Bump up the ram to 4GB
2. Upgrade OS to Win7 64bit
3. Get Quad core OR change GPU

If GPU please recommend a good card for my setup with a budget of around 200-250$

Thanks guys
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  1. As for GPU upgrade and with that gaming resolution, you may want to add up additional 50 bucks on your budget and get a HD 5850.

    An additional 2GB RAM would also be helpful.
  2. 2GB of RAM is fine on XP.

    But some games like Just Cause 2 don't support that anymore. To run 64-bit and game I'd wanna have 4GB of total RAM or more.

    so you really need to do all of that at some point. The best thing to do would be to buy a overclocking heatsink and overclock that CPU then buy something like a HD 4890. This should do the trick till you do the rest.

    If you're a student you could hit up win741.com for a $65 copy.
  3. Priority upgrade in my opinion :
    Get 4GB RAM and Win7 x64

    E6750 and 8800GT can still perform decently.
    Upgrading to any LGA775 quads won't make much difference.
    Upgrading to HD5850...your proc will be the bottle neck for the GPU.
    Replacing the proc to i5, i7 or X4 ...you will need to buy a new mobo...and new DDR3 RAM kits...
    Too much investment at this point...
    Save the money and upgrade the proc, mobo, and RAM including the GPU next year.
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