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Obviously, it's not the preferred way to go - but I've pretty much no other option at this point.

I have a Linksys 54g wireless router and a D-link WUA-1340. It's not a very strong combo. I can't even get 4 bars a room away in my tiny, 600 sqft apt.

Considering I know little about networking, I was hoping for some help in getting a decent setup that works for my shooter. Right, now it rubber bands like I'm on dial-up. lol
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  1. Use ethernet cable. You say you have no option other than wireless and this is simply not true. You do have options and while some may require a little effort it will be time well spent once you are setup correctly.

    Tell us more about your setup for better recomendations. Internet provider, Complete model number for modem and router, gaming with console or PC, etc....
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