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I have just bought a brand new computer right. 8G ram, win 7 64 bit GeForce GT 240 1GB graphics card and everytime i try to play any one of my games my whole computer freezes and i have to restart my computer. its driving me nuts! can anyone help me please!!
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  1. Is this a build it yourself or a prebuilt system?
  2. what about the other specs? PSU? motherboard?
    It happened only just in one game or the others as well?
  3. Yep, give us your other specs info. Also, download HW monitor and monitor your temperatures and voltages.
  4. alright im kinda a noob at all this ***.

    i bought my computer at a computer market. so im pretty sure they built it all there.

    Processor = AMD Phenom(tm) IIx4 965 Processor (4 CPU's) ~3.4Ghz

    i dont really know what else i need to tell you or where to find it sorry :P

    thanks for the help

    P.S. i have about 3 or 4 games out of about 20 that actually work flawlessly.
  5. Did they give you a warranty?
  6. Yes, im pretty sure its a years warranty on it. are u saying that i should take it back to them? and there is no fix for this problem? :(
  7. Since you aren't too familiar with computer things then it will be much faster to take them back to where u bought it...
    I'm sure they will help u to fix it. :)
    Or, do u have friends or anyone that understand about computer things?
  8. well i have friends who no a fair bit about computers and stuff. so if u no wats causing this problem it would be great to let me know and then i can show them the posts and see if they understand. if not i'll take the computer back. :)
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