Power Color 5770 PCS+


i ordered this powercolor card, its on its way.

a few questions i like to know is, what kind of thermal paste is used? would using artic silver 5 be better? i know some of their cards used good thermal paste.

would changing the thermal paste void its warrenty?
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  1. The 5770 is not a hot card so there is no need to replace the original paste unless you are planning insane overclocks with voltage increase. I would presume it would loose the warranty.
  2. thanks for the reply, my consern was temps as i did see in one of the reviews for this card, it gets hotter then the ref card, but you can see why.

    i plan to overclock it a bit, about 900 maybe 925, i know they overclock well, i know as im using a 5850 :D!
  3. I had the 512MB version of that card and now I have a XFX 5770 XXX version.(sold my other PC with the powercolor) The card's don't really run hot and overclocking them will only improve results til about 875,1300. Beyond that performance seems to actually drop, perhaps due to error checking or because the video card isn't powerful enough to use higher clocks anyways. In performance test (3D simple), on the stock 875,1300 OC I got 1921, and overclocked to 900,1300, I I got 1890.7, 30 less points with the higher overclock. It's basically that across the board. and when I did 900/1400, the performance dropped even more. I hope this helps.
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