Core 2 duo and core 2 quad heatsink

Can I use my old core 2 duo (E4300) heatsink for my upgrade core 2 quad (Q9450) 45nm bought in eom version ?

It seems like the the E4300 original heatsink fan from intel is a 12volts 0.2A
while i guess the Q9450 should be provided with a 12Volt 0.6A, does it matters ?
in any case both heatsink unit look very similar at a first glimpse
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  1. You can definitely use your e4300 heatsink on the q9450. The q9450 does produce more heat (95W vs the e4300s 65W) so I would check the load temps once you have it installed. You want to stay away from 71.4°C on the q9450.
  2. as long as they are both the same socket, you can use it.
  3. I think all the quad sinks have a copper "slug" in the middle. The 65nm quad sinks are taller then the 45nm sinks, but they should both have a copper slug in the middle. Here is a pic of them.

    The one of the left is the 45nm quad cooler. If yours is all aluminum then its not good enough.
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