Which case for a Corsair H50 ??!


I'm stuck and could use some help please! I'm looking for a case that will work nice with a MSI Big Bang-XPower MB and a Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50. I will also be putting in a GTX 480 and maybe! down the road run x2 480s.

I have been looking at the following cases


SilverStone Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Fortress

Thermaltake Spedo VI90001W2Z Full-Tower Case

Corsair CC800DW Obsidian 800D Full Tower Case

I see that the Corsair CC800DW Obsidian 800D Full Tower Case is HUGE! i dont want a book shelf case but i would like a case in which i can do mods and upgrades such as x2 video cards later. If anyone has these cases or would like to please give me some input on which out of these to get or yet even let me know of a another case to check out please! let me know.

Again thank you for looking !
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  1. My vote is the Silverstone RV02B....

    After that I would look at either the HAF 932 or HAF X (942). The Corsair CC800DW is probably the better of all the cases but the cost just doesn't out weigh the difference... IMO
  2. The HAF X is equal to or greater than the Corsair 800D. the 800D MIGHT be SLIGHTLY better in watercooling, but they both have all the features and extras you need for it. considering the HAF X has all the features, better airflow, usb 3.0, and costs 80$ less, i think its the best option. IMO, the HAF X made the need to spend over 200$ on a case pointless.
  3. I like the look of the RVO2B but i have herd that the way the HD sits in the case makes it hard for doing SLI. anyone else herd of this?

    Also are the HAFs noisy? Fan wise that is? they seem to have a nice setup of fans.

    Again thank you for your time!
  4. the HAF X actually uses mostly large fans. large fans = high cfm with low rpm, low rpm=low noise, so it shouldnt be loud at all. or you can adjust the fans.
  5. Would you think a 850 corsair PS could run SLI? or go for the longer 1000 ?
  6. 850 can run sli comfortably.
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