M4a79xtd evo

Hello All,
Asus M4A79XTD evo
AMD Phenom II x4 3.4GHz
G-Skill DDR3 1600 2x 2G 9-9-9-24 1.5V
Geforce 9800GTX+
PSU-850w Etasis Elctronics
First build with DDR3 (first build in a few years)

Heres the issue:
Hooked everything up all power connecoters, 2 Hard drives both Sata One was brand new 2T, 2 cd-roms, and the graphics card. Plug in power cord turn the switch red light on the back of psu and green light on MOBO read to push power button on front pannel. When pushed in lights come on and fans move but only for half a second. Nothing quite spins just moves a little.

Trouble shooting -- Reading forums as well
Remove everything but the CPU, the new hard drive, RAM, and the graphics card. Try to power up this time and I trip a fuse in the room.
Now I am concerned and a little scared.
I begin to remove everything starting with the CPU--I find that the CPU has a bent pin on it. Needless to say I am exchanging the cpu for another and currently waiting for it to be sent out this morning.

What caused the initial lack of power as described in my first attempt to power up?

Should I be concered about other parts of my MOBO and computer since the tripped fuse?

Why would it not trip a fuse earlier with everything plugged in and now do it with only the bare neccessities to start a computer?

Please let me know thoughts opinions suggestions

Thank you
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  1. The fans "twitching" for a half second sounds like a short. More common with improperly installed expansion cards, but could also be explained by the CPU with a bent pin. Don't be concerned just yet... Wait for the new CPU and see where you stand after installing it.
  2. Quick update
    So While waiting for my cpu (still waiting) I wanted to hook up my old rig. Went to turn on power to it and low and behold similar issue to the new rig. Well regardless the power supply crapped out on me....so I grab one of my oldies and try that again nothing short spin nothing. Mad at this point and decide I am going to take everything out of the case. Hook up cpu, graphics card, and psu out side the box and start up by shorting the pwb with a flat head screw driver. Starts up no problems. So the only thing I can think of is something with the case, the front panel power botton and the cords that connect to the mobo.

    Any other way to test this theory?
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