Raid 5 controller for a file server.

Hello all,

I have a file server that is shared among 3 computers on my network, and my single 1TB hdd is full(i own a small video editing company). I am looking to expand into a 3x 2TB Raid 5 setup.

The issue is my mobo does not have an onboard raid controller, so i need a suggestion for a decent controller to handle the setup. Another reason I want a physical controller, is I read(correct me if im wrong) they are the easiest to transfer the disks to a new computer. My budget for the controller is roughly 70.

Also if anyone has a suggestion (or criticism) as to go a different route, please tell me. My goal is reliability and space for less than $400.

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  1. Also the boot drive is a 128GB Samsung SSD so this will be strictly for data.
  2. I have had good luck with LSI controllers in the past, however most controller with hardware RAID 5 are going to be $150+. Which operating system are you using? If you are using a dedicated box something along the lines of FreeNAS using RAID Z would free up the need for hardware RAID while keeping the disks relocatable between machines. Linux has good software RAID support as well. If you are using windows hardware RAID would most likely be your best option.
  3. It is a windows 7 machine that is also used for usual computing tasks so a switch in OS can't happen. I am relativly new to raid, so is there a better option that i could get by with a cheaper software raid card?
  4. If you're interested in going the used route, PM me. I have a Highpoint RocketRAID 2310 on my bookshelf that I'm not using. Bought new from newegg, used around four years. Box, manual, install CD and controller, no cables included.
  5. Honestly since i am only using this for file storage and not as my boot drive(ssd 830) are the read and write speeds going to be noticeably bad with a budget raid card?
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