My 2nd monitor (CRT) is flickering due to entering ATI overdrive.

I have a 2 monitor setup 1 Dell CRT from about 1999, which is actually a really nice display, and an Asus 23" P235H as my main display. I was playing crysis and I opened up Catalyst to see what my temps are and it was 64 (btw, is that too hot) and the fans were at 40%, well I went in to open overdrive because I thought that was where fan control was(it wasnt) and my computer did NOT like it. At all! Then my CRT got this annoying flicker that happens every 3 seconds in the form of a line or a flash of the current page I am on! I had this problem before and after I did it today I realized it was from me going into overdrive! So lesson learned, don't mess with overdrive! But I must find out how to get this flicker off my monitor! I don't know how I fixed it last time except that I put it in the attic for about 2 months and when I plugged it in, it worked again! I have my fans on 100% and the GPU is running at 42 C, but I am still getting the flicker! Please help! thanks!
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  1. Yes, I've that both my TV and monitor will slightly flicker when going into CCC, but only momentarily. My guess is that it is something with the monitor that is causing the flickering to stay constant. Do you have another computer around or a laptop with a VGA connection? If so, try hooking it up to that and see if the flicker persists. If it does, it is definitely the monitor, if not, well, report back and maybe someone has a workable solution.
  2. Well I have tried plugging it into another computer and it is not there, it is only when I plug it in to this machine that it happnes. I have alternated the dvi ports (I am using a DVI to VGA connector) and it persists.
  3. This is very very odd but then again I didn't have this issue even when using my x1900xt. I prefer t use ATI for multy monitor setups.
  4. My second monitor does this as well when I overclock my GPU with overdrive. It is hooked up with a analog to DVI converter that I got with the graphics card. When I set my clocks back to normal it goes away. Both of my monitors are LCD too. It must be the analog connection.
  5. Wow thanks sparkman. it turns out I o'c my video card 5mhz and it caused the problems, I guess I wont over clock until I get DVI monitors.
  6. Willdoeswork- your problem is probably the same as the rest of us when we try to OC our cards. The issue stems from the fact that when you OC the card right now, it drops the idle clocks. the idle clocks with overdrive disables are 400 for the core, and the memory stays at full clocks. When you enable overdrive, it drops the idle clocks to 157 for the core, and 300 for the memory, and THAT is what causes the flickering. I would imagine that if you ran a 3d accelerated game, you would see that the flickering would go away.
  7. Yes, I am sick of this issue also. Its the stupid overdrive that when enabled drops your idles to 157/300 and this causes the flicker. ATI need to fix the driver or something and figure out when you have dual monitor setup and use overdrive to NOT drop them to 157/300 but stay at 400/1000.

    The thing is I am suspecting it cant be fixed with driver but needs bios update or something.
  8. I don't know why it would need a BIOS update. If the idle clocks are fine without overdrive enabled, why can't they just tweak it so that the idle clocks don't change?
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