Fatal system error on instaling win 7 x64 on new pc

I have just received my new desktop and I am trying to install win 7 x64 en ultimate
the configuration of the pc is:
AMD phenom II X4 955
asus M4A785TD-V EVO
4GB ocz ddr3-1600

when I boot from the dvd after the first message of loading files I can see the starting windows
and then a blue screen with the message
fatal system error stop:C000021a......

any ideas?

PS I boot my new pc with a live cd of ubuntu and it started fine
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  1. 0x21a indicates an issue with the Bios (6th entry on the following table)


    Please check to make sure your mobo's Bios is compatible, and flashed to the latest release.
  2. I checked the compatibility.it is ok with win 7
    I updated the bios from asus web site but the blue screen appears at the same timing
  3. is there anything else that I can check?
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X64 System Error Windows 7