Getting the best out of my broadcom 802.11g network adaptor in DV5000

Hi All,
First of all my situation, its a bit long winded but there is a point

Im waiting for my broadband to get installed, just got the phone line fitted a couple of days ago. I have been using and connecting to unsecured wireless network from the neighbours which sometimes connects at 11, 18 and 24 mbps upto 70kb/sec though my wireless adaptor on my laptop.

I sell bits and bobs on e-bay and bought some wireless n usb adaptors to sell, because they were customer returns I had to test them to make sure they were working before listing and selling.

First one I tested was the Linksys WUSBN600N, worked like a treat I was now getting 45mbps and upto 250kb/sec. I was well impressed, this USB adaptor was the one you buy seperately in its own box, It said on the box "dual band" . I though I would keep this one however I had sold an adsl lynksys router thatt comes with a free wireless N USB adaptor that week and the the adaptor was missing, so I had to post out the adaptor to the customer, I was well pissed!!

I had other Wireless N adaptors to test and sell none of them seemed to match the first one, one example was the linksys one that comes bundled with the router, It was absolutely , back to 11 and 18 mbps same as my wireless G, didn't make sense. Also when I took the the adaptor out and tried using my laptop wireless was not working properly. I uninstalled all the wireless manager softwares etc deleted the the additional wireless network connections in the network manager, but still nothing.

Question 1) Was the dual band adaptor better then the other adaptors?
Question 2) Why did my wireless on my laptop stop working?

I had been using the computer for a few years, I decided to just format the thing and Install Windows 7, rather then XP which is still 10 times better then vista. It was nice and easy Windows picked up all the drivers and everthing worked fine including the wireless.

I decided against my better judgement to download the Windows update for the the the network adaptor, all of a sudden the computer can't see the network and when it does it a weaker signal,

Question 3) Why did the Windows 7 driver work better than the proper driver?
Question 4) Is it just the adaptor that decides it does not want to play ball after a new driver update.

Anyway I figured out how to restore the previous driver through driver roll back, which I have never used until today, it worked and now the wireless is working as normal.

Question 5) Can anyone explain just what been going on

I dont know much about networks or network cards and how they work, can you update the firmware on an adaptor like you do a router??

Any Ideas or suggestions would be most welcome

Regards Scampy_008
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  1. Phew, I'm exhausted by your energy in all this.

    1) Generally, you'll find that maker's own drivers will work better than Windows', assuming the maker's driver is up to date (which for an older model it may not be).

    2) As you acquired the hardware as customer returns, some at least are likely to be defective (customers aren't always right, of course).

    3) If you've been using your neighbours' wifi you are a very, very naughty boy.

    4) Though personally I'm reluctant to censor colourful language, we're currently being urged to delete "bad" words to avoid the forum being barred by schools etc. Thus my tiny edits to your piece.
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